VIP Select is a VIP membership status that is automatically achieved when you reach the minimum licence threshold in a single period (10 licenses in the commercial and government segments, 50 degrees in education). With the ad administration console, you`ll always know how many licenses are provided and who uses them. 5.1 License transfer. All products do not apply to restrictions on the transfer of licensed products under or under this agreement. In limited cases, Adobe may discreetly transfer product licenses under this contract. These requests must be directed to Adobe customer service, including a description of the reason for the proposed transmission and the contact information of the assignee. For more information, see the program manual. For clarity, all offers are granted and not sold. Mergers apply to all license orders and contacts under the merger identifiers. Mergers of LWS customers are only available for the CLP, TLP and FLP programs.

FLP IDs can only be merged with the agreement of Adobe`s legal team. For members of education, we also offer Creative Cloud for the training of shared device licenses. Unlike Nomd-User licenses, these licenses can be provided by a VIP administrator on a device. Participation is conditional on the fact that the member (and any affiliate) is a “government entity”, i.e.: (a) a federal, central or national agency, department, commission, council, office, council or authority (executive, legislative or judicial); (b) a municipality, a special constituency, a city, a county or public authority, a department, a commission, a board of directors, an office, a board of directors, an institution or authority or any other executive, legislative or judicial authority created by the Constitution or the status of the state in power, including regional and administrative authorities; or (c) a public body or agency, created and/or funded by federal, regional or local governments, empowered to govern or support citizens, businesses or other public authorities.