As with the verbs of Being, all conjugations of passive voices require a match with the subject. The grammar agreement is a big topic, and one of the banns of French students. While in English, we have some names, pronouns and adjectives that indicate sex and number (z.B. Server (Here are the different types of French agreements with examples and links to detailed lessons. [3] The agreement, a fact sheet, the application form (DS-7713 of July 2015) and frequently asked questions are available as part of the Holocaust deportation application program under the U.S. Agreement. S.-France Agreement, U.S. Dep`t State, (the last visit was on February 18, 2016). The text of the treaty published by the United States did not reflect any changes to the text approved by the French and American governments during an exchange of notes in June 2015. French Senate Report 584, Appendix 13 (July 1, 2015) [hereafter the Report of the French Senate], available at

See also id. 25:26, 28:29. The amendments did not affect the content of the agreement. On the contrary, in the preamble and in Article 1, paragraph 3, it was agreed to amend the “Vichy government” with the “de facto government that claims to be the “government of the French state” and to correct the spelling of the word “seal” in the French-language text. In the French notes, these are described as corrections of errors within the meaning of Article 79, paragraphs 1 and 4, of the Vienna Convention on Treaty Law, so that the corrected text would be ab initio. If the misspelling was clearly a “mistake”, the replacement of the “Vichy government” with a new language was a change (not a mistake) requested when the agreement was considered by the French National Assembly. Report of the French National Assembly No. 2875, 20-21, 33-34 (June 17, 2015), [hereafter the report of the French National Assembly] under Replacement is better qualified than the agreed amendment of a certified text before it comes into force, in accordance with Article 10, point a), of the Vienna Convention.