Mini Garden Tiller are renowned for their features such as strong body structure, utility, efficient and durable services. We act these milling machines to our customers within a reasonable range. These strawberries work so easily and easily to transport from one place to another. These strawberries offer consistent performance and help to make roots from the countryside. We offer our customers a rich collection of power clamps. These include power mini-spindles, rotary cutters. These milling machines are very powerful and offer effective functionality. We negotiate these milling machines to our customers at competitive prices. These cutters are available according to the needs in different specifications. These are available with precise dimensions and have a high tensile strength. We are suppliers of electric cutters.

These power deichles are compact in design and easy to handle. These breeders are used to easily remove deep roots from plants and work without problems. We negotiate these rotary snackers with our customers at an extreme range. These pits contain breaks that can be adjusted according to our requirements. These pits have a high load carrying capacity and can be used for hours. This Mini Power Pinne is used to make the country uniform and removes hard roots from the soil. These milling machines are widespread among our customers and offer high performance. These strawberries work smoothly without making any noise. We trade these milling machines at a reasonable price to our valued customers. These strawberries are robust in construction and offer sustainable services.

. * A set of 32 our “J” adjustable blades for the realization of different widths * A set of wider cage wheels with L-handle angles for working in muddy lands. * Double stage/double wheel adjustable rear wheel for single movement. * 360 degree swivel handle to work in different positions * Removable return system for various uses such as fixed sprayer/water pump, etc. Pay mode terms: L/C (Akkreditiv), T/T (bank transfer) type 4 Hub engine, water-cooled, horizontal, single-cylinder, diesel engine, We offer power weeder – petrol for our customer. * A set of curved blades to form trenches up to 300 mm deep. . * A set of wing leaves to remove the earth after the PTG-500 trench Mini-tillers are used for cultivation. These milling machines are very economical and offer excellent performance. These strawberries make it easier and save a lot of time when growing.

These cutters are identified for their characteristics such as corrosion resistance, effective and long service life….