The Information Exchange Agreement (AISA) is a legal framework that “clarifies and clarifies information that can be shared about vulnerable children and their families/government agencies, for what reasons and with whom.” The consultation on the agreement took place between October and December 2014. We regularly review information reconciliation agreements to see if they are still necessary and, if necessary, agreements will be updated. An agreement has been signed to clarify information that government authorities can share about vulnerable children and their families. That`s right. AISA are agreements between two or more agencies; Data Protection Act requires the designation of a leading agency for each AISA. The lead agency is also required to publish a copy of the agreement online and must report regularly to the data protection representative on AISA`s activities. Approved information exchange agreements are one way to exchange information to provide public services while protecting people`s privacy. The ministry currently has ISAs with the following agencies: A new Customs and Excise Act came into force in 2018. This law provides us with new mechanisms for exchanging information and introducing additional responsibilities. These include the obligation to publish the information exchange agreements to which we belong. After the implementation of the legislation, we reviewed all information exchange agreements to ensure they are up-to-date and relevant. As each agreement is verified and signed, a link to this contract is added to this page.

Information exchange programmes are approved by an act of Parliament. Part 10 and Schedule 4 of the Data Protection Act provide for reconciliation agreements, including their implementation, process rules and the role of the data protection delegate in monitoring the use of data comparison by government authorities. When agencies intend to exchange information on a regular basis, they often include a Memorandum of Understanding (Memorandum of Understanding). A protocol is a form of information exchange agreement that establishes that an AISA is a formal agreement established in accordance with the Data Protection Act and allows the exchange of personal data between (or within) authorities in New Zealand for the purpose of providing public services. An Information Exchange Agreement (IMA) was an agreement under Part 10 of the Privacy Act 1993. Comparison of information involves comparing one data set with another set of data, usually to find data sets in the two data sets that relate to the same person. An IMA could only be created in accordance with authorisation legislation. We can also exchange information when there is an information exchange tool, such as a Memorandum of Understanding.

B, an information exchange agreement (AISA) or an information comparison agreement.