Rush Medical Group provides direct and basic health care for UWA students, teachers and staff. The University of Alabama`s Student Health Services Program is managed through an agreement with Rush Medical Group and Dr. Todd Vaughan. Students can go to the clinic or make an appointment by calling (205) 652-9575. Office visits are covered by the medical expenses of currently registered UWA students; Other costs incurred, such as laboratory work, x-rays or other tests, are charged to the person or their insurance. If you are in Australia on a student visa from the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, Italy or New Zealand, you can also apply for Medicare under your country`s reciprocal health agreements. Students from Norway, Finland, Malta and the Republic of Ireland are not covered by the agreements with these countries. In order to reduce the risk of identity theft and improve our efficiency when checking in, you must present a photo ID when checking in your appointment. The preferred ID card is your UWA ID card, but a driver`s license, passport or other photo ID are also allowed.

If you withdraw or complete your studies prematurely, leave Australia or change visa status, contact your OSHC provider to see if you are entitled to a partial refund of prepaid fees. If you are now a temporary visa holder or permanent resident and therefore no longer need OSHC, you must provide your visa information to the Fees team via askUWA and the Medibank team. The Australian Government`s Home Office requires all international students applying for an overseas health cover (OSHC) for the duration of their student visa. OSHC is offered by a number of suppliers, and you can purchase OSHC from the provider of your choice. UWA has a “preferred supplier agreement” with Medibank. If your first education amount and OSHC are accepted and paid, UWA will arrange health protection with Medibank for the expected duration of your student visa. It is your responsibility to ensure that your health protection is up to date for the duration of your visa. To extend your health insurance, contact your health insurance provider directly. Medibank OSHC members can renew their coverage: OSHC is offered by a number of providers and you can choose which of them you want to buy it. While students can receive overseas Student Health Care from the provider of their choice, UWA Allianz Global Assistance`s preferred OSHC provider.

Among the main benefits of their policy is the responsibility of students to ensure that their health insurance is up to date for the duration of their visa. Outdated health insurance is a violation of your student visa and exposes you to potentially high medical costs. To renew your health insurance, contact your health insurance provider directly. If you have acquired your OSHC with Allianz Global Assistance through the university, you can renew your OSHC online. UWA can organize your OSHC for you, which gives you additional benefits. If you want the university to organize your insurance coverage for you, it is acquired through Medibank, our preferred provider, when you join for the first time. Medibank only offers Comprehensive OSHC for students at partner universities. The full OSHC meets the requirements of your student health insurance visa (for all types of courses), helps with your hospital and medical needs and offers a number of value-added services via OSHC Essentials.