During the introductory phase of your appeal, you may have said that you called to see if the person is qualified for a certain benefit. Approval of a sale date is at Level 4. Once you have achieved this goal, you can ensure a full understanding of the federal tax code. They will want to read it very carefully so that there are no arguments on the street. Everything is very clear, and we do not cover what is not in the warranty. One way to solve this problem is to try to get the team member to see the situation from another perspective. Ask them to remember a particular case and remember the reaction of one of their colleagues, to ask them why they think their colleague reacted in this way, how would they have felt if someone had spoken to them that way? Would it have been possible to say the same thing in a different tone, to use another language? They might even ask them to rephrase what they say. We establish the agreement that wins the line in two parts: now you are ready for the final phase where you will find an agreement for a meeting, and you now want to say to the interested: as soon as you have your agreement, move on to the third stage. You must be able to show why what you say is right, good and true. In particular, the lines of conclusion you have created will help you close cold calls with confidence, because you know how to agree on an appointment. Always have a clear idea of your main message.

Your first task as a communicator is to make clear what you think is right, good and true. In the previous phases of the call, you may have taken advantage of benefits to attract the individual`s attention or motivate them to move forward with you. Communication is important because we need to gain the understanding, agreement and active cooperation of others. From what you said, there is a good way that you have the advantage of… Managing Expectations says: “This is a brochure that describes exactly what is covered and for how long. If you ask the team member to see the situation from another person`s perspective, you will be more likely to agree on their inappropriate behaviour, and then you can continue to discuss how they might change their behaviour.