As more and more settlers arrived and colonized the surrounding areas, a court was set up. Each city chose representatives to visit the court, creating an early representative government. 1. What were the two groups that included passengers on the Mayflower? How were they different from each other? Like what? 2. What events forced the Mayflower passengers to write and sign the Mayflower Compact? 3. What are the facts of the article that support the argument that pilgrims were democratic? What are the facts that support the view that they were not democratic? 4. What is the most important idea in the Mayflower Compact? What other ideas does it contain? The year is 2120, and the American spacecraft Mayflower II landed on Mars, exactly 400 years after the first Mayflower reached the New World. On board the Mayflower II are a team of scientists and a larger group of skilled workers. The mission of this trip is to build a research base on Mars for scientific observations and experiments.

Unfortunately, the Mayflower II crash landed due to a malfunction in an area outside the united Nations Treaty for Exploration of the United States. This area is not the jurisdiction of an earthly nation. Although the crash hampered the Mayflower II and its radio, all employees and supply and survival systems survived unharmed. Scientists and workers will be able to live in the Mayflower II and build structures outside the space probe. They expect a rescue ship to be sent, but not for many months. Shortly after the Mayflower II crash, an argument broke out between scientists and workers. The workers claimed that the whole purpose of the project was scientific research to survival. Because workers know how to build a survival base, they can take care of themselves. The workers also indicated that because they are in a Mars area outside the jurisdiction of the United States, they do not have an obligation to obey the instructions of scientists (or any law in this area). The scientists rejected these views and argued that they had been held responsible for the project again on Earth and therefore had to remain under control until the rescue ship arrived. They also reminded workers that their higher education as scientists makes them more logical to guide the group in this foreign environment.

After struggling for a while, scientists and workers finally agreed to develop a written pact that would form the basis of a government until the aid ship arrived. Procedure 1. Imagine that your class is the group of men and women stranded on Mars. To end the conflict and maintain unity, the pilgrimage guides (including William Bradford and William Brewster) designed the Mayflower Compact before disembarking. The short document (approximately 200 words) linked its signatories to a political body to form a government and promised to comply with all laws and regulations that would later be fixed “to the general of the colony.” The pact was signed by almost all adult male passengers of the Mayflower (41 passengers out of a total of 102), while the ship was molded into provincetown Harbour. His authority was exercised immediately when John Carver, who had co-organized the expedition, was elected governor of the new colony. Stubborn foreigners refused to recognize rules because there was no official government about them. The pilgrimage guide William Bradford later wrote: “Many foreigners gave disgruntled and mutinous speeches.” The Mayflower Pact was important because it was the first document that established self-management in the New World.