Overall, the changes to standard form contracts appear to achieve the JCT`s objective of making standard standard contracts more linear and user-friendly. The distribution of risk between the parties has not been significantly changed and it is likely that employers will continue to request changes to JCT 2016 expenditures. However, it is essential that the construction parties become fully familiar with the new provisions, including insurance and payment requirements, so that they are not covered by the amendments. The expected features of the 2016 JCT edition were clear; to simplify payment processes, integrate the JCT Public Sector Supplement, CDM Regulations 2015 and Public Contract Regulations 2015 and generally improve functionality and ease of use. For the 2016 edition of smaller construction contracts: Since the beginning of 2017, we have seen a significant increase in the number of customers who wish to use the JCT 2016 series of contracts. This note should serve as a timely reminder of key changes to the 2011 JCT contracts and understand some of the reasons for these changes. While it is understandable that the 2016 expenditures on smaller work contracts do not include biMs for development, they also contain an updated version of the public sector supplement. The changes include changes: At the time of this article, the JCT published the new 2016 editions of the JCT Minor Work Family. The JCT has not yet announced whether it is anticipating the publication of new editions of the rest of the contract series. It is also proposed to consolidate in the main text the general provisions applicable to insurance options A, B and C (proof of insurance, insurance rights and rehire work) that we hope to see in the 2016 editions of intermediate families, standard and design and construction of the contract. There appear to be some missed opportunities, such as the constant lack of a definition of practical completion, but we will not know the full extent of the changes until the JCT publishes the remainder of the 2016 editions of the JCT contract series.

The 2016 editions will include CDM supplements and this has been seen in the 2016 editions of the small contract work family. Another important change relates to the “All Risks” insurance provisions, particularly Option C, which relates to work on existing structures.