Good morning. I am forming an LLP to be registered in Madhya Pradesh. I would like to know how much stamp duty is on the partners` contribution and whether the LLP agreement should bring a trade or simply print it on stamp paper. Years: You are required to submit eForm 32 (addendum), correct any breaches requested by the relevant registry office or provide other information/documents. Years: In this case, submission is not allowed if an Eform 3 and an Eform 4 are processed for the recruitment of a pending partner or partner for payment of a 3/4 fee or Eform for the LLP. If you want to know, I can notary the LLP agreement of another city (different state). The company`s address is from different cities. This is a very informative blog for both ordinary people and professionals. I would like to know that if there are only two partners in an LLP, is it possible that one partner is a “sleeping partner” and the other an active partner? Please buy Rs. 1000 stamp paper and send Form 3 I wanted to check how to get the signature on the DIN East form after the RUN form can be reviewed in detail by the central registration center and may suggest some changes. Two new bids are allowed within a specified time frame.

Yes, yes. Please return the form in accordance with the ROC proposal. We filed Form 3. However, the form was marked for the new submission, as 2 of the three partners are RNAs. 1) Form 9 must be submitted by all partners. 2) Provide confirmation of FIPB`s request for direct investment authorization under the requirement that ARNi Di will only produce after prior approval of FIPB and compliance with FEMA/RBI instructions. Can you help me? There are companies that do this process. But I want to do it myself, without making agents. Your blog guides me perfectly on the LLP process. I need information on other aspects. Years: Each partner must notify the LLP of any name or address changes within 15 days of this change.

The LLP, on the other hand, would be required to submit this information to the Clerk within thirty days of such a change in Form 4. Very informative and well explained. I`m sure it would be a great help for all starters After approving the electronic form 2, you must have received an initiation certificate. Form 3 (LLP agreement) must be filed with the Registrar of Companies within 30 days of the issuance of the certificate. You are required to execute the LLP agreement on stamp paper. The amount of stamp duty owed during the execution of the LLP agreement depends on where it is to be executed. It varies from land to state. Since you did not mention the state in which you are executing the LLP agreement, I cannot tell you the amount of stamp duty.