Step 4 – Note – The tenant must check the paragraph and then put the duration of the rental information in the empty fields: 5 c) repair All the damage caused by the move, (d) end the final reading of the profits and pay all the final electricity bills, and (d) empty the property and return it with all the keys to the owner in the same condition as at the beginning of the life period, except for the normal. 30. ASSOCIATION BYLAWS, RULES AND REGULATIONS: If the property is subject to association laws and regulations, the tenant undertakes to comply with these statutes and provisions of the association, including any changes. 31. LIEN: This tenancy agreement is mandatory for the landlord and tenant, as well as for all parties who legally fulfill their rights and obligations. 32. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This lease contains the entire agreement of the landlord and tenant. The landlord or its real estate agents or brokers have not provided insurance, unless it is stipulated in this lease. This rent can only be changed in writing by an agreement .b by the landlord and tenant. 33.

ATTORNEY REVIEW CLAUSE: (1) Lawyer`s Study. The tenant or landlord may opt for a lawyer`s study. When a lawyer is consulted, the lawyer must complete his audit of the lease within three days. This rent is legally binding at the end of the three-day period, unless a lawyer for the tenant or landlord reviews or refuses the tenancy agreement. (2) Time count. They account for three days from the date of delivery of the lease signed to the tenant and lessor. Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays are not counted. The tenant and landlord may agree in writing to extend the three-day period for legal verification. (3) Notification of refusal. If a lawyer reviews and refuses this lease for the tenant or landlord, the lawyer must notify the broker or the other party mentioned in this tenancy agreement within three days.

Otherwise, this lease is legally binding, as in writing. The lawyer must send the notice of refusal to the real estate agent by authenticated mail, telegram or personal delivery. The telegram or authenticated letter takes effect at the sending. Personal delivery takes effect with delivery to the broker`s office. The lawyer may also, but not, inform the broker of any revision (s) proposed in the rental that would make it satisfactory. 34. BROKER S COMMISSION: The brokers` commission is earned, payable and payable with the signing of a fully executed lease and the satisfaction of the legal examination period provided for in Section 33 of the lease. The commission is paid by the lessor in accordance with a previously executed listing agreement. Rental and is payable as follows: Listing Broker Broker Address of participating broker at the address NJAR Form-125-7/12 page 5 of 7 Phone – Commission Phone No.

35. LEAD-BASED PAINT DOCUMENT ACKNOWLEDGMENT: The tenant confirms receipt of the “EPA brochure”: Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home. In addition, a copy of the document entitled Disclosure of Lead-Based Paint Hazards And Lead-Based Paint has been fully completed, signed by tenants, landlords and brokers and is attached to this agreement and part of this agreement.