This proposal makes it possible to amend an existing agreement as follows: this proposal provides an amendment agreement that can be used to amend an existing written agreement. Also, if some different changes have already been made, if another change is needed. Please, for the sake of clarity,. Consider reorganizing the entire treaty in order to update the Treaty with respect to all changes to be made. Experience has shown that after a series of various modifications to a contract, different people`s understanding of the resulting contract can come into conflict. That is why we recommend that the amendments be minimised. This amendment is in accordance with this agreement [contract number], previously entered into by and between [name of agency], hereinafter referred to as “the AGENCY”, and texas TECH UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER, [office or school of ____ It is understood by mutual agreement between and between the signatory parties and it is agreed to amend this earlier agreement as follows: [amendments, additions or deletions shall be clearly presented as examples on the basis of the following three (3) introductory sentences:] Article I, paragraph 1, is amended [day from month, year] as follows: in Article II, paragraph 2, [date of entry into force of the month, the year] adds that Article V(3) [date of entry into force, year] is completely deleted. All other conditions that are not modified remain in full force and effect. All other conditions that are not modified remain in full force and effect. [Insert here the corresponding signature blocks for TTUHSC and for the AGENCY:] ***************.*