20. Stresses that international trade policy, which places international cooperation above competition, plays a key role in the rapid development of medical treatments and vaccines, the rapid expansion of production, the development of resilient global value chains and equitable access to the global market, and stresses in this regard that the current pandemic is stimulating the strengthening of international cooperation and the prevention of the sanitai emergency. re; the continued commitment of the EU and Member States acting together as `Team Europe`; stresses the need to address the commercial causes of pandemics and zoonoses, such as the effects of trade on the degradation of the biosphere; 48h supports the new forward-looking transatlantic agenda, based on common interests, values and common objectives, which aims to balance the development of economic and trade cooperation in the Pacific, achieve sound reform of the WTO and find common solutions to common problems; 13. calls on the Commission to examine in depth whether the new EU standard clause on data flows will safeguard Europeans` data protection and personality rights in the event of a dispute with a business partner; stresses that international trade agreements must not undermine existing and future measures to protect the fundamental rights to privacy and the protection of personal data; urges the Commission to take into account the relevant obligations of third countries in assessing their adequacy, including when transmitting data; On the 23rd.