The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) collaborate with research organizations abroad through a participatory service agreement (PASA), which is managed by the ARS` Office of International Research Programs (OIRP). The LRA supports USAID by providing scientists and technical experts for deployment within USAID and supporting their management. In addition, PASA allows USAID and ARS to develop cooperative activities of common interest, conducted in partnership with research institutes in developing countries. USAID benefits from PASA because it has access to a vast pool of high-quality scientific and technical resources to implement U.S. development assistance. USAID can benefit from ARS`s role as a mission agency, which can focus on challenges for many years to succeed. LRA scientists benefit from PASA because they provide non-competitive funding to specific projects with international opportunities to test hypotheses, cooperate and improve aspects of their national research projects. U.S. agriculture ultimately benefits from these international cooperations. Author:Measuring Impact, Environmental Incentives, Foundations of Success, ICF International The Academy will carry out the work over a six-month period under the direction of an Expert Advisory Group (EAG) of Academy Fellows. The National Academy of Public Administration (The Academy) will assess the benefits and challenges of the current ARS pasS between the LRA and USAID, with the goal of supporting an agreement that adds value to the LRA and USAID.

The evaluation includes a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the value of the AOA pass to the LSA. The evaluation is based on interviews with LRA officials and staff, verification of related budget and financial information, analysis of available data, and discussions with other stakeholders and experts. USAID/E3/Forestry and Biodiversity Office (E3/FAB) has partnered with the Measuring Impact Project (MI) to evaluate the U.S. Agency`s (USFS) participatory agency program agreement. The objective of the evaluation is to determine the extent to which usFS PAPA uses and achieves its objectives and to make recommendations that increase the overall effectiveness of the ADP. Portal download: PA00K62N.pdf – PDF document, 1.037 kB (1.062.693 Bytes).