R3001-Accord No. XV.A (added highlight).   The R3001 agreement also contained an integration clause that stated: “This agreement is the only comprehensive agency agreement between you and the company.”   Id. at I.C. With respect to the amendments, the R3001 agreement provided that the contract between Stephenson and Allstate “must not be amended, except by a written agreement between the company and you expressly states that it amends that agreement.   Other written statements, assurances or agreements will not change this agreement. Id. at s XX.A. View original content:www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/allstate-seeks-entrepreneurs-to-open-more-more-than-150-agencies-in-texas-300830406.html However, the complainant`s assertions will not survive the review.

  First, the criteria invoked by Sichson to argue ambiguity in the treaty are included in the manuals and do not change paragraph XV A of the R3001 agreement.   As part of the dominant precedent of this circuit, the integration clause in the agreement. C R3001 has generally expressed the intention of the parties to consider the R3001 agreement as a complete and definitive expression of their contract.  ADR North America, LLC v. Agway, Inc., 303 F.3d 653, 658 (6 cir.2002) (under Michigan law) (“A written integration clause is conclusive evidence that the parties intended to characterize the document as a definitive and complete expression of their agreement”).   In addition, the complainant relied on an unpublished decision of the New Hampshire District Court, applying Michigan law, Ford Motor Co. v. Meredith Motor Co., Inc., No. 99-456-B. 2000 WL 1513702 (D.N.H. Aug.24, 2000) to prove the explicit language of a contract could constitute a tacit contract.   The complainant`s appeal is erroneous because Meredith does not provide a legal precedent for this court.

The accused Abner Joseph entered into an exclusive agency agreement (EA) with Allstate on or about December 3, 2014. In the contract, he agreed, one year after the termination of the EA contract one year after the termination of the EA contract, not to compete with Allstate from an office or company within a mile of his allstate Exclusive agency, according to Allstate`s complaint. Joseph also agreed that at the end of his EA agreement, all telephone numbers he had used for EA transactions were transferred to Allstate. First, nothing in the “plans” circular expressly edited the R3001 agreement between the applicant and Allstate.