4. Lease term – The lease agreement in Ghana must determine the duration of the rent so that tenants and landlords know when the contract ends and is thus renewed or terminated. For example, it must be said that Tenant X and the ABC owner agreed that on this day…… by……… 20XX in the agreement that was concluded on…………… starts and ends on……….. Subsequently, both parties should indicate whether they wish to renew or terminate the contract. In addition, the agreement should indicate to whom the money should be paid and to whom the means of payment will be paid. A course is set, during which the tenant knows who to pay until when. It avoids cases where different people come to claim the rent. There should also be a provision for late payment, i.e. a penalty and when evacuation for non-payment of rent should or can be managed in a timely manner.

Leases should be subject to national legislation, which means that they cannot be exercised solely by agreements. A rental agreement concluded on the spot is therefore illegal and unenforceable by law. This agreement may be extended at the end of the lease period from which it is no longer enforceable. The rent can then be checked by the landlord up or down. All of the ordinances relating to rent, tenancy or rental of apartment buildings that apply to section 1 of this Act and which are in effect at this time have the necessary amendments to the full implementation of the provisions of this Act. (2) Section 25 (5) of the Rent Act, 1963 (Law 220) is amended as follows. This will help resolve future disputes, if at all. However, if you sign a rental agreement in Ghana in writing, you must include all necessary information as stated above. It should also be written in a language that both parties can easily understand.

The aim is to eliminate any form of suspicion or conflict in the near future. However, below is a sample of rental contracts in Ghana. Don`t confuse a sample of land overlaps in Ghana with a typical lease, as the two are different.