Use this online form to report a problem you had while using your Visa card. In some countries (Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, United States), a merchant is allowed to provide, in certain circumstances and on certain types of cards (for example. B debit cards), cashback as part of a visa transaction. Cashback is only allowed if the Visa card was issued in the same country as the place of sale. You should try reading the magnetic stripe on the card. If the magnetic strip cannot be read, you can refuse acceptance of the card or manually enter the account number in the terminal. Note, however, that you may be subject to a retrobook for a manually entered transaction. As a general rule, Visa is a method of payment and not a method of collection or performance of a contract. However, under certain conditions, certain types of dealers (accommodation, car rental, bike, boat, equipment, motorhome, motorcycle, truck/trailer) and trailer/camping fleets) may accept a guaranteed booking (if the cardholder indicates a Visa account number but no payment at the time of booking to ensure that accommodation, goods or services, as reserved and agreed with the dealer, are available). For more information, please contact your Visa-Acquirer. Visa has strict conversion rules if you use your Visa card outside the country where it was issued. They must be given the opportunity to have the transaction carried out in national currency.

If the merchant has not done so, please inform your Visa card issuer. As a rule, a merchant is allowed to apply for an identity card, but cannot require it as a prerequisite for accepting the visa card. However, there are exceptions, for example where visa has authorised the trader to require, in certain circumstances, identification for fraud control. No travel service provider may charge a surcharge from a travel agency or reduce the commission paid to a travel agency acting as an intermediary for that supplier where the buyer uses a credit card to acquire the travel services of that supplier. Below are some frequently asked questions about visas. If you have a question about a visa rule that is not covered below, please contact Visa at [email protected]. Please note that visas change from time to time. If there is a discrepancy between the information contained in those frequently asked questions and the visa rules, the visa rules shall apply.

You will find further requirements in the visa acceptance agreement between you and your acquirer….